About Us

Formed in 2007, the Negros Island Organic Certification Services (NICERT) supports the organic agriculture program of the national government as mandated under the Republic Act (RA) 10068 otherwise known as the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010.
NICERT is committed to developing and maintaining organic standards; assisting operators in gaining organic certification; and conduct ongoing compliance supervision.
The scope of NICERT organic certification covers the organic supply chain—from input manufacturer to producers, processors to wholesale and retail operations—ensuring organic integrity “from farm to table.”
The Negros Island Certification (NICERT) program offers a localized, yet competitive and independent third party organic guarantee system that aside from establishing equivalency to the national and international organic standards is tailored fit to the peculiar conditions of the country.

Nicert Features

  • Provides Inspection and Certification services to producers or processors of organic product;
  • Full technical familiarity through certified training or technology transfer and technical assistance related to sustainable or ecological or organic agriculture systems;
  • Knowledgeable on all kinds or types of Organic Standards PNS, Europe, USA and Japan;
  • Familiarity with IFOAM Organic Standards;
  • Conduct research and development for organic crops and livestock production, processing and handling, marketing and trading;
  • Development and designs of all types of Operating Manual and forms for Organic Agriculture certification services; including manual for Internal Control System;
  • Transparency in providing consumers the names of clients that were certified, including products certified;
  • Assist certified clients in promotion of their certified products;

Benefits of NICERT Certification

Aligned production system with local and international Standards for Organic Agriculture
Cost efficient
Increased chances of being certified internationally
Updated technology transfer information on organic certification services for clients

NICERT’s Role as a Certifier

  • To organize a system, which assures the quality of organic products, that is ecologically produced according to specific standards, and to create and develop an environmentally sustainable agricultural system.
  • To promote the environmental sustainability by limiting the usage of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
  • To promote the use of organic fertilizers and facilitate the preservation of the natural soil fertility.
  • To assure the consuming public of organic products, that product labeled as organic, passes the standards for organic production.
  • To increase awareness of the public regarding the certification of organic products.

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